Yenkit Resort Community

This was a detailed master plan and urban design controls for a major new resort community located in a tourism development area.  The site stretches along the coast south of Muscat, embracing s an area of some 9.5 sq. km extending both sides of Khawr… [Read More]

Yenkit Resort Community Yenkit Resort Community

Duqum New Town

The new town of Duqum in Al Wusta Region is being built to service a port and dry dock complex.  This is part of regional development for this small and remote part of the Oman. The new town is expected to grow to around 65,000 persons and provide a… [Read More]

Duqum New Town Duqum New Town

Chhattisgarh Capital City Master Plan

We prepared a full master plan for the state government of Chhattisgarh as part of a limited competition supported by local planning studies. Our urban structure plan was based on a flexible grid arrangement adapted to the topography of the designated… [Read More]

Chhattisgarh Capital City Master Plan Chhattisgarh Capital City Master Plan

Surya City

This was a proposal for a new township for the south south-east of Bangalore. It was based on a public/private partnership arrangement with the housing authority in order to provide social housing as part of a comprehensive development. Our approach… [Read More]

Surya City Surya City

Procedural City Modelling

Howgill Planning utilises ESRI’s CityEngine to model large urban environments.   This relatively new technique of Procedural City Modelling has until recently been only about 3D visualisations.    ESRI’s CityEngine however is about more than just 3D visualisations it can create entire cities from relatively few lines of code.

We can translate your planning standards in many cases to a working rule set that can be used to create detail cities in 3D.  You can use the city created based on a rule set in ArcGIS for further analysis, or use it in a workflows for rendering and/or game environments.